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by Rebekah Del Rio

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Released Especially for Boxing Day 2021!

Enjoy my new song "Adios"..

Written in 2019 about the injustice in the world... just before we all witnessed ALL of the injustice in the world unfold during the 2020 pandemic.

What is Boxing Day?
Boxing Day is a holiday that originated in Great Britain and is still observed there and in several other Commonwealth nations, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. It's celebrated by charitably giving back to people and communities. You can also help animals on Boxing Day (oh and every day)

It's a "giving" holiday. Some of the proceeds of the sale of this track on 12/26/2021 will go to charities that help the less fortunate on Boxing Day.

ALL the proceeds from the sale of this song Today and up until Jan 11, 2022 will go to help children who are on the streets. Through PCDF and the LGBTQ Youth Centers and even the David Lynch Foundation. I will be donating ALL the proceeds to these charities to help the kids in need. Please go to 4pcdf.com to see how you can help.

Happy Boxing Day. Now go out there and give!

Rebekah 11:11


ADIOS - by Rebekah Del Rio & James Moore

Verse 1

When I'm all alone, It's hard to share my point of view
So I sit down to write a song
Make myself feel better and hopefully you will too
When you hear these words
And they sound like you and the pain you're going through
I know that's my heart reaching out and singing proud
But I can't save the world with a little song
Listen boys and girls, we need to get along 

I can't fight anymore
and I don't wanna hide
And I won't keep runnin' and runnin'
Or try to be your hero
and why must I fight
for my G-d given right
to be who I am and love who I love
without thinking twice

I don't wanna fight no more
I don't wanna fight no more
so I'm Letting go oh oh

Verse 2

It's lonely as hell when you're out on your road
And you know where you're going 
but you've have no place to go to call your home
And your voice is cutting out around every turn
and you're older every day and you can hear the people say,
Don't you ever learn?
We can't heal the world with a single cry
So C’mon boys and girls, we need to unify

We can't fight anymore
We don't have to hide
And we won't keep runnin' and runnin' and runnin'
Or try to be the hero

And why must we fight
for our G-d given right
to be who we are and love who we love
without sacrafice

No I don't wanna fight no more
I don't wanna fight no more
so I'm Letting go oh oh

Adios (don't wanna fight no more)
Adios (don't wanna cry no more)
Adios (don't wanna hide no more)
We can't let them win (don't wanna fight no more)
Treat our love like sin (don't wanna hide no more)
Why are we holding on to what they say is wrong
When we should be letting go

I don't want to fight anymore



I don't want to fight anymore

No No

Use my voice That's my choice

I don’t want to fight any more

No oh






A Dios! (To G-d)


released November 11, 2021
Written and Recorded by Rebekah del Rio 2019 - 2021
Co-Written by Jimmy Moore 2019
Produced by: Larry Antonino & Rebekah del Rio
Vocals recorded at Secret Sound Nashville TN - Producer - Chas Sanford 2020
Additional Vocals recorded at Glen Campbells Studio Agoura Borealis 2021 Produced and Engineered by Larry Antonino
Tracks recorded in Nashville TN Michael McDonalds Studio 2020 Produced and Engineered by Grady Walker

Lead Vocals - Rebekah Del Rio
Background Vocals - Charlo Crossley & Mary Dysart
Bass - Allison Prestwood
Drums - Daryl Burgess
Guitar - Jon Connley
Mandolin - Jimmy Moore
Lead Guitar Magic - Ricky Z.
Cello Glory - Dave Eggar
Piano - Dave Eggar
Vibes - Tom Collier
Produced by - Rebekah Del Rio / Larry Antonino
Mixed by: Larry Antonino


Atsuya Ito & Penny Spitzmesser

Album Photo Credit: Candice Ghai Photography Austin TX 2021

Makeup by: Joe Rivera

Hair Color by: Wolf

Hair Style by: Mylan Instagram @mylanonset

Album Artwork Design: Phil McKenna

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Baja Basement Music Record (BMI)

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all rights reserved



Rebekah Del Rio Official Los Angeles, California

Singer/songwriter Rebekah Del Rio, as seen in David Lynch’s “Mulholland Drive”, is well known for her signature song, the wrenchingly beautiful ballad “Llorando”, a Spanish-language version of Roy Orbison’s “Crying,” As seen in Twin Peaks The Return Episode 10 "No Stars" by Rebekah, John Neff and David Lynch, himself, Rebekah continues to take the listener to that other world of dreams. ... more

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